Your home has been on the market for awhile, a long while it seems.  You might have had quite a few showings, but no offer to purchase yet.  Or maybe you have had an offer but one that seemed really unreasonable.  Maybe you just haven’t had the showings at all. Regardless of the exact situation you are probably wondering what is going on.  Why isn’t my home selling.

If you were to do a survey of thousands of real estate agents across the country, you would get one resounding answer… price. But is that really the right answer?  The only answer?  Of course not. Price might be part of the equation, but it’s not always price, and often it is something else.

Ask yourself this question.  In a sea of homes for sale, why would a buyer choose my home?  The answer is the way it is marketed and there is a lot that is involved in this answer.