11 Tips to Sell Your Home For Top Dollar in the Fredericksburg Area

The Edmisten & Buck Team
Published on January 9, 2017

11 Tips to Sell Your Home For Top Dollar in the Fredericksburg Area

There thousands of homes that sell everyday across America.  If you are considering selling your home, you likely share a common denominator with every other seller. You want to sell your home for top dollar. This post contains 11 tips to consider when selling your home that will help you achieve your goal of selling your Fredericksburg area home and to sell your home for top dollar.

  1. Motivation. The single most important starting point when deciding to sell your home is to understand why you are selling your home. In other words, what is your motivation?  Everything you do from this point is dictated by your motivation to sell.  If you are looking/needing to sell your home quickly, then you will follow one path to sell your home.  If you are looking to sell your home for top dollar and get every possible penny out of your home, the path and timing will be somewhat different.
  2. Do some serious research before setting your price. There are a few primary considerations you will want to apply if you have a little time before you sell your home.  First, if you are in a neighborhood of similar homes, then determining a price for your home is considerably easier than other situations.  If it is not, then you will want to visit some open houses and do some home shopping of your own.  Compare floor plans, upgrades, square footage, style of home, maintenance issues and time on the market.  Then watch for those homes to sell to see what is the actual selling price and how long it takes to sell.  You might also want to consult the opinion of a Realtor, but keep this word of caution in mind.  There are a LOT of Realtors who will inflate their estimate of your home’s value in an effort to win your business.  You don’t want an inflated/false value, you want real and reliable information.
  3. Consider an appraisal. If you feel like your home is unique and a bit tougher to establish a real current market value, then consider getting an appraisal.  They do cost some money, but can be beneficial in determining a listing price.  Make sure you inform the appraisal that you are getting the appraisal for the purpose of determine a real and reliable listing price.
  4. Impressions are important. Virtually every buying decision made by consumers include a high degree of emotion.  Emotions most often are the driving factor in a buying decision. Therefore, you want to create situations that elicit positive emotions.  You want you home to look and feel in such a way that buyers connect with your property.  THAT is one way in which you ensure you sell your home for top dollar. Buyers need a very positive experience in what they see, hear, feel and smell in your home and on your property.ftr_881_image
  5. Super clean and make all repairs. One of the ways you make elicit those emotions is the make sure you home is de-cluttered, super clean, and everything is functional and functioning properly. Even if you think it is a small thing, make the repair. You never know what little thing creates a negative emotion in a potential buyer, so don’t leave things to chance.
  6. Keep things neutral. Get rid of bold colors, and too many personal items.  We are not proponents of taking everything personal out of a home, but minimize.  A few carefully chosen and well placed items enhance a home’s appearance.  Too much detracts greatly.
  7. Odors will make buyers run for the hills. Tobacco smoke odors and pet odors prevent an enormous amount of sales from happening.  If you want to make sure do not sell your home for top dollar, just leave those odors unchecked. You will definitely accomplish that mission.
  8. Disclose, disclose, disclose. Virginia is a what is known as a caveat emptor state, which basically means buyer beware. So actually there isn’t all that much that a seller themselves may be legally required to disclose.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily let a seller off the hook if they are sued after a sale occurs.  So, to be safe, a seller should disclose any adverse conditions surrounding the sale of your home.  This should not be construed as legal advice, speak to your agent or attorney if you have questions about disclosure.
  9. Emotions have no place in negotiations. We know that you might have significant emotions when it comes to selling your home, but you have to check your emotions at the door.  If you negotiate from an emotional mindset, you may come out on the losing end of the negotiations, if you don’t kill the deal entirely.
  10. Try not to move out before you sell your home.  An empty house is much more difficult to sell.  Unless it is staged very well, the home will take on a cold, sterile, forgotten and neglected feeling.  It is pretty hard to sell your home for top dollar if it is generating this type of emotion.  Often times, the buyer will perceive that you may be a little bit of a desperate seller if you have already moved out.
  11. Expect a low offer.  It is almost a guarantee that a buyer is going to submit an offer that is below your asking price.  Now, that could be because you know and the buyer knows you have priced your home higher than market value.  Whether that is the case or not, in most cases the buyer isn’t submitting their best offer initially.  They likely will pay more and do better than their initial offer reflects.  Discuss the terms and conditions with your trusted real estate agent, and make a counter offer.

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11 Tips to Sell Your Home For Top Dollar in the Fredericksburg Area
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