25 30 Espresso – Fredericksburg Fridays Episode 3

The Edmisten & Buck Team
The Edmisten & Buck Team
Published on December 13, 2017

#FredericksburgFridays Episode #3 – In this episode we chat with Maureen Bartosh, owner of 25 30 Espresso.

Our mission with Fredericksburg Fridays is to spotlight local businesses and community organizations in Fredericksburg, Va. We want to show you what they offer the community, and we want to show you the people behind those businesses. To that end, here is 25 30 Espresso

25 30 Espresso is a neighborhood coffee shop in downtown Fredericksburg, right by the train station, which makes them super convenient for train commuters. If you aren’t riding the train, they are slightly off the beaten path, but well worth the extra minute or two to find them.

They offer a full line of coffee beverages, including brewed coffees, specialty coffees, breakfast items for on-site consumption, breakfast sandwiches to go, and much more. 

The coffee and food are both great, but what really stands out is the service and atmosphere created by the staff. While shooting this video, we spent a couple of hours in 25 30 Espresso. During that time, it became very clear that all of the staff members are both, very customer centric, and very community centric.  They greeted every customer in a friendly and welcoming way, and engaged most in a conversation about the Fredericksburg community and current community events.

If you have yet to visit 25 30 Espresso we encourage you to check them out. Enjoy a good cup of coffee and meet the staff, who will likely become yoru new friends. For more information, check them out on Facebook, or on Twitter, watch the video, or read the video transcript below.


This is where we spotlight local businesses so you can find out about them and share it with your friends and today we’re gonna meet with Maureen at 25 30 Espresso.

Okay, we are in 25 30 Espresso and I meeting with the owner, and I’ll let her introduce herself. I am Maureen Bartosh, owner of 25 30 Espresso.

So, tell us what 25 30 Espresso is. Let me tell you the name first. Twenty-five degrees north, 30 degrees south is the growing region of coffee around the world, and because we care so much about the quality of our coffee, we picked the name to go with it.

So, we are a neighborhood coffee shop located on Princess Anne and Frederick. We are a little bit off the beaten path, but we offer a really warm inviting atmosphere and really good customer service.

Tell us about the coffee beverages, what all do we have? So we offereverything from espressos, all the way to brewed coffee, we offer these specialty coffees such as individual pour-overs made of Chemexes, siphons or beehouses. We sell bagged coffee to take home and enjoy at home. We are known for our Cortato which is a specialty coffee, a Wowsa is a drink that we made ourselves for something fun, goes straight to the veins, gets you going real quick. But we offer premium products like Trickling Springs Creamery for our milks, Counter Culture Coffee for our coffee provider and roaster. So all those companies believe in sustainability, organic…

Tell us about the food? By the way, I had a turkey sausage quiche that was out of this world, do you make that here? We do. Everything is made in-house. Beth, our pastry chef is amazing. She’s been with us a little over a year now, and she does all of our baked goods.

She’s taking on some breakfast and lunch items such as the quiches. We do breakfast sandwiches for those real quick morning to goes when you’re getting on the train. But if you want to sit and relax and enjoy a nice breakfast, the quiches are amazing. She’s always got something new and different.

So what, what makes you different than another coffee shop? Well, there’s you know, quite a few coffee shops in the area. We have been around ten years, so we are one of the older ones.But we really specialize in customer service. We want you to know that no matter what type of coffee you may like, whether it’s a blended 4 pump this, or whatever, we’re going to make that for you. And never doubt your decision to have that. But if you are really geeky into coffee, we are right up there with you. So you can have your choice of anything you may want.

What’s the address, how do people find you? Sure, we’re at 400 Princess Anne, Princess Anne is the main drag through town, through Fredericksburg. Just go under the railroad and we’re right to the right. We have our own parking lot behind the building so plenty of free parking.

How do people find you online? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all the social medias and our website.

What’s the phone number if someone wants to get ahold of you? (540) 368-2101.

Thanks for watching this episode of Fredericksburg Fridays. If you enjoyed this video make sure you like it, comment on it, and share with your friends so they too can learn about this fantastic coffee shop called 25 30 Espresso. And if you own a local business or run a community organization and would like to be featured in a future episode ofFredericksburg Fridays make sure you reach out to me Jeff Edmisten (540) 538-7222. Until next time we’ll see you next Friday.



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