Dog Krazy – Fredericksburg Fridays Episode 2

The Edmisten & Buck Team
The Edmisten & Buck Team
Published on December 3, 2017

#FredericksburgFridays Episode #2 – In this episode we interview Dog Krazy owner Nancy Guinn.

Our mission with Fredericksburg Fridays is to spotlight local businesses and community organizations in Fredericksburg, Va. We want to show you what they offer the community, and we want to show you the people behind those businesses. To that end, here is Dog Krazy…

Dog Krazy is a natural pet food store with 4 locations ranging from Stafford, to Richmond, Va. Their flagship store is on William Street in downtown Fredericksburg.  A couple of things were very obvious.

Our first observation about Dog Krazy and Nancy is that her love for animals is palpable. That applies to her own personal animals, the animals of her customers, and animals that have yet to find their forever home. Secondly, she is very passionate about the heath of her customers animals, and that shows in her desire to provide safe and healthy products for her customers and their pets.

If you have yet to stop by one of the local Dog Krazy locations, we encourage you to check them out. For more information, watch the video, or read the video transcript below. 

Check out Dog Krazy online at

Video Transcript:

Hi guys this is Amy I’m with the Edmisten Buck Team this is another episode of Fredericksburg Fridays we are here at Dog Krazy and we’re meeting with the owner Nancy.

I’m here with Nancy from Dog Krazy. And do you want to introduce yourself? My name’s Nancy Guinn, I own dog krazy. We have four stores, two in Fredericksburg, well, one in Fredericksburg one in Spotsylvania one in Stafford and then one in Richmond, VA.

You want to tell us a little bit about what you do at your stores? We are a natural pet food store so my philosophy is if it’s in my store then it’s something that I would bring home to my own animals. I won’t sell something just because it’s wanted by the public. I have to approve it 100%, um, so actually what goes into all of our products is important to me so for example this bag everything has to be made and sourced in the USA, Canada, Australia, we don’t do anything from China so you never have to worry about recalls when you’re shopping with us.

Awesome so what makes you different than the big chain pet stores? Mainly what we carry I really, really care about the health of your pets. Um, it’s not about profit to me, it’s about their lives and making sure that they have the best lives they possibly can. Not only that, we do things like we have adoption suites in our store, I mean we have actually have one of the dogs from the SPCA here today so when the SPCA and the Old Dominion Humane society when they’re not open to the public they actually bring their dogs here. So that when you walk into my store and you ask if we sell puppies, we don’t believe in that, we believe in adoption, so we tell you no, we don’t sell puppies, but there’s all these wonderful dogs that need a home so you can actually look into one of our Suites and see dogs that are available. Today we have a pitbull named Buddy and Buddy needs a home for the holidays so if you’re a buddy the elf fan he’d be a good dog to adopt.


Nancy, where can we find your local stores? Well the one we’re in now is in Lee’s Hill shopping center in Spotsylvania, my flagship store is in downtown Fredericksburg on Williams Street, we’re in between la petit Auberge and Hyperion, that’s our first store, it our biggest and my favorite. Our Stafford store is on 610, it’s in the Brafferton shopping center. And then our Richmond store is right next to the 24 hour emergency vet. Dr. Jankowskii is actually the oncologist that treated our dogs when they had cancer and we opened directly next door to her so that way we’re able to help dogs going through what we went through. And that location is absolutely amazing that’s worth driving to Richmond to check out.

What all do you guys do outside of… you do grooming? Yes we have grooming at all four of our locations and then our Richmond store actually has a self-serve tub that looks like a giant time machine it’s I mean there’s not one another one in the United States. It’s yeah it’s actually made in Holland so we’re the only one in the u.s. actually has this thing has voiceover so you can have Matthew McConaughey, Donald Trump, Obama all tell you how to wash your dog. It’s actually really funny to listen to because they have jokes behind it.

What’s your website? The website is and it’s dog crazy with a K so it’s dogkrazy, and we’re on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram we do a lot of specials on there we post pictures of dogs so we do a lot of stuff with social media.

What’s your phone number if anyone wants to call you? We have lots of phone numbers the store that we’re at now is five four zero eight nine one two thousand, my downtown store is five four zero three seven three four one six eight, my Stafford store is five four zero six nine nine two two three four and my Richmond store is eight oh four four four seven four three 91.

Hey that was a good one! Anything else you want to talk about? Please remember all the dogs and cats this holiday season they’re in the shelters that don’t have a home. Last year we actually went to the SPCA Christmas Eve, our entire staff went. We brought stockings to all the dogs and got to play with all the dogs and cats just to let them know that somebody was thinking about them while everybody was at home with their pets already that already have homes so while we have you know beautiful pets in our house please remember the ones that don’t this holiday season and please give back.

Thanks for watching this episode of Fredericksburg Fridays. If you like this video then click the like button, comment below, and share with your friends so that they can check out dog krazy also. If you own a local business or a community organization and you would like to be featured on one of our upcoming Fredericksburg Fridays then reach out to me, Amy Adams, and my phone number is five four zero four two nine two seven two zero.


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Dog Krazy – Fredericksburg Fridays Episode 2
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