Garaffa’s Pizza – Fredericksburg, Virginia

The Edmisten & Buck Team
The Edmisten & Buck Team
Published on November 3, 2017

We believe that everyone should love the community that they call home. Part of growing to love your local community is to know the people, places, businesses and organizations that make up that community. We hope that our mini-reviews and interviews will perhaps serve as an introduction to some people and places that you haven’t encountered. To that end, here is Garaffa’s Pizza…

The Business:

Garaffa’s Pizza, as the name suggests is a pizza restaurant, however, that statement isn’t sufficient.  Garaffa’s Pizza is a “homemade pizza and pasta” restaurant.  Homemade, yep, as in made from scratch.

When it was founded:

Garaffa’s Pizza opened it’s doors in early 2014, and they are in now in their 4th year serving the Fredericksburg area. 

Where to find it:

175 Cambridge St., Fredericksburg, Virginia. Garaffa’s Pizza is located on the corner of Truslow Road and Cambridge Street (Rt.1), just about 1/3 of a mile north of Falmouth Bridge.

Things you might find notable:

The most notable thing about this establishment, isn’t the building, although it is very clean and tastefully decorated.  It isn’t the food, which is superb.  It is the owner, Ricky Garaffa, and staff. You are guaranteed to be cheerfully greeted and well tended throughout your stay. 

I have actually known Ricky for a number of years, and admittedly felt like the greeting and treatment were special and unique to my family when we arrived for our first visit. However, having dined here on multiple occasions, it is very obvious that EVERY customer receives this gracious and authentic treatment.

The next thing that is highly noteworthy is that savory, velvety Sicilian tomato sauce that adorns the pizza and pasta dishes served up piping hot and fresh at Garaffa’s Pizza. I am most definitely a huge fan of this awesome sauce.

Ricky shares that this sauce is passed down from his Sicilian grandfather. Now, you could be a skeptic and think the “Sicilian sauce” thing is merely a marketing ploy.  If so, you haven’t tasted it. Regardless, let me repeat a short personal story that I have shared before. My daughter visited Italy a couple of years ago. Upon her return, she asked to go to Garaffa’s Pizza for dinner.  She informed us before, and confirmed again after dinner, that the sauce at Garaffa’s Pizza was the only sauce she had tasted in America that was truly like the sauce she had tasted while in Italy.

I have sampled the pizza, white pizza and various pasta dishes during multiple visits to Garaffa’s Pizza.  While all have been delightful, my favorite, is the jumbo stuffed shells with added meatballs (pictured below). And of course, it is swimming in that heavenly Sicilian sauce!

As you can tell, I have absolutely no reservation recommending that you really should dine at Garaffa’s Pizza… again and again. The humble and friendly, even family-like treatment offered up by the staff is seriously refreshing. The food and THAT SAUCE is amazing. 

If you like pizza and pasta, then you’ll want to check out and LIKE Garaffa’s Pizza on Facebook, and then get yourself to their restaurant. If you’ve never been there… you’re welcome.

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Garaffa’s Pizza – Fredericksburg, Virginia
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