Green Fitness and Wellness – Fredericksburg Fridays Episode 5

The Edmisten & Buck Team
The Edmisten & Buck Team
Published on December 28, 2017

#FredericksburgFridays Episode 5 – In this episode we chat with Garrett Green, owner of Green Fitness and Wellness.


Our mission with Fredericksburg Fridays is to spotlight local businesses and community organizations in Fredericksburg, Va. We want to show you what they offer the community, and we want to show you the people behind those businesses. To that end, here is Green Fitness and Wellness…

When I walked into Green Fitness and Wellness I did not expect to be taken by the beauty of the facility.  However, that is exactly what happened.  The beautiful original floors and floor-to-ceiling windows are really beautiful and create a very warm and inviting atmosphere.

Aside from the beauty of the facility, I was also struck by the compassion that Garrett Green has for his clients, and for people in general.  I believe that he generally wants people to be healthy and to live better lives, even if Green Fitness and Wellness isn’t the proper path for any given individual. However, after surveying the facility and the equipment, and reviewing the staff, I suspect there are not many people that couldn’t benefit from becoming clients of Green Fitness and Wellness.

For more information about Green Fitness and Wellness, check them out on Facebook, or on their website, watch the video, or read the video transcript below.



Jeff Edmisten here with another edition of Fredericksburg Fridays and today we are going to meet with Garrett who is the owner of Green Fitness and Wellness and learn a little bit about what they do to help nurture people back to health and get more fit and just generally enjoy life so come on let’s meet with Garrett.

I’m here with Garrett who is the owner of Green Fitness and Wellness and he’s gonna tell us a little bit about his business. So, what is Green Fitness and Wellness? Green Fitness and Wellness is a private personal training studio I opened about eight years ago in a small 400 square foot facility and since then we’ve grown to this beautiful 3,000 square foot facility.

We have two chiropractor’s on staff, a massage therapist, and a variety of personal trainers, and we mainly focus on, there’s that gap you know after you’ve had surgery, you go for physical therapy, then you’re looking where to go next because it’s not done yet. So we take that aspect and work on the rehabilitation after you’ve done physical therapy. We do you shoulder rehab, knee rehab, all that stuff that you’re looking to find strength.

You don’t want to go to a big gym where you’re just gonna get lost in the crowd. So we kind of bring you in here and give private one-on-one training. All of our trainers have college degrees in the kinesiology. So it’s just a little bit more of a personalized touch.

It seems like a real niche because I’m sure you probably encounter people who’ve never stepped foot in the gym in their life. So this, I would think this would be a little more comfortable for those people. It is because if you go to a regular gym you’re gonna have 50 or 60 people watching you. People need that one-on-one attention especially when you’re dealing with an injury or an issue you might have. And so we get to really focus on the client themselves with no distractions.

Tell people where we’re located. We’re right by the train station at the old Purina Tower, the old grain and feed store on 311 Frederick Street. It’s been completely remodeled we’ve got a beautiful open area with 18-foot floor-to-ceiling windows. It is beautiful. It is. I mean you walk in and you just go “wow.” And it’s got original floors. I mean it’s right where the commuters walk by it every day.

I’m new to your business so I’m kind of curious are there other businesses like yours in the area? There are a couple. You see these like pop-up personal training studios come up you know. They’re more I think niche to overall fitness which is you know, everybody needs that, and we do that also. But to actually focus on that injury prevention injury need, a lot of times people who have to have a knee replacement, well you’re not really allowed to get physical therapy before the surgery. So we’ll bring you in and have you strengthen your knees so when you go to have your surgery you’re gonna be stronger coming out of it.

I learned that in Charlottesville where I worked. They had a program called 60/60, where you would come in 60 days before your surgery, then you’d go have your surgery, go to physical therapy, and then come back 60 days after. If you’re strong going into your surgery you’re going to recover much better.

How do people get ahold of you? My phone number is 540-623-4850. Email, that’s Then we’re on Facebook at Green Fitness and Wellness, the website is

One more time, a general overview of the services and the staff that you have here? So yeah, so we have Dr. Scott and Dr. Heppe, Erica Heppe, a husband wife team. They just came onboard about eight or nine months ago. We have a masseuse that does really great sports medicine massage and therapy massage, his name’s Robert. I’ve got two trainers on staff, Pamela and Dan. Pamela’s been with me about five years, Dan’s been with me for about a year. Then we offer the classes Monday and Wednesday. We have what they call a Kinesis class and I’m sure you guys will see some pictures of that. It’s a really cool piece of machinery, we do a circuit class Monday and Wednesday night, and then a circuit class run by Carmenza. It’s a fantastic class, it’s a little more upbeat on Thursday nights, and then there’s me. We can meet a need that anybody has.

So if you’ve never worked out before, you’re skittish about coming in, it’s a great place to come because you will get that privacy. We have a private room we can train you in, so even if someone’s in here, we can take you in there and no one will know you’re in here. It’s great for working on form because we’re gonna be able to focus a lot on you. If you’re injured and you’re skeptical of where to go next, come on in here. Either the chiropractor or I will give you an evaluation to see what’s going on, and even just help you, guide you in the right direction. I mean we love everybody to come in here, but at the same time, we want you to get healthy. We have a lot of contacts with doctors offices and physical therapy offices so we can always help you get to the right place that you need to get if we are not the right place.

Thanks for joining us in the beautiful facilities here at Green Fitness and Wellness for another episode of Fredericksburg Fridays. If you enjoyed this video then like it, comment on it and share it with your friends so that they too can learn what Green Fitness and Wellness is all about. And if you own a local business or run a community organization and would like to be featured on a future episode of Fredericksburg Fridays, then call me, Jeff Edmisten at 540-538-7222 and we’ll see you next Friday.


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Green Fitness and Wellness – Fredericksburg Fridays Episode 5
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