GreenBoots Heating and Air – Fredericksburg Fridays Episode 4

The Edmisten & Buck Team
The Edmisten & Buck Team
Published on December 22, 2017

#FredericksburgFridays Episode 4 – In this episode we chat with James Kennedy, owner of GreenBoots Heating & Air.

Our mission with Fredericksburg Fridays is to spotlight local businesses and community organizations in Fredericksburg, Va. We want to show you what they offer the community, and we want to show you the people behind those businesses. To that end, here is GreenBoots Heating & Air…

GreenBoots Heating & Air is a local business focused on residential service, maintenance, replacements of heating and air systems. In the real estate profession we are often asked for recommendations to  quality service providers, and HVAC companies are among the most requested recommendations. Most everybody has some type of heating and air system, so at some point it will need maintenance or repair, and you’ll want to know a reliable professional in this field.  

The best professionals to know are ones that a lot of other people use and recommend.  James at GreenBoots Heating and Air is one of those guys. Everybody we have encountered, both personally and through doing this Fredericksburg Fridays video just raves about James and the quality of service he provides.

For more information about GreenBoots Heating and Air, check them out on Facebook, or on their website, watch the video, or read the video transcript below.


Hi, I’m Ruthie with the Edmisten Buck Team and we are here today with another episode of Fredericksburg Fridays. Today we’re going to be featuring GreenBoots Heating and Air with the owner James Kennedy. So let’s take a couple minutes and let’s go have a chat with him.

I’m sitting here with James Kennedy, we are here to talk a little bit about his business which is GreenBoots Heating and Air. So James can
you tell us a little bit about your business?

Well, I’ve been in business going on 6 years now. We moved up from the Charlottesville area, I’m originally from up here. I’ve been in the industry about 15 years or so. We’re primarily in Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg. We do a little work in Stafford and Caroline, you
know on the closer ends of those counties to us. We do mainly residential, some light commercial, a few contractors that I do new construction work for you. We do you know residential service, maintenance, replacements, the whole nine, pretty much anything that has to do with heating and air we can handle.

Well, I think that you definitely seem to be growing and I know that we seem to recommend you a lot to a lot of people. Everybody we recommend you to then recommends you because everybody wants you to come back.

It’s a good, it’s a great compliment and I was just talking to a customer the other day and you know in the real estate business word of mouth means your lifeblood. So same way with any small business, word-of-mouth is you know it’s free and it’s the most effective form of marketing. Because when somebody you trust recommends somebody, doesn’t matter how much you spend on advertising or marketing you’re gonna get that call. So yeah it’s just been you know we’ve been really blessed and realtors are
great friends to have. Is that why you act like you like me? Everybody likes you, Ruthie.

I started working for a company in Charlottesville, it was a really good company to work for and the management there was good and it just kind of changed my outlook. They were all about training and so I got a lot of good training there. I went from there and decided I wanted to go into business for myself. My wife and I were talking about what would be the best way to do that. We knew a lot of people up here, I’m from up here I had you know, I knew contractors up here, and so we decided to move up here. It’s a little bit bigger market and everything’s just working. We’ve just been really fortunate and blessed and things are moving along. Hopefully next year we’ll have two trucks on the road.

James if somebody wants to give you a call then how can they reach you? Well, they can give me a call at (540) 455-3162 and we’re online at Those are really the two best ways there’s an email right there on the website or the phone number. And I’m always the one that answers the phone. I’m not big enough to have an answering service yet, so you call me night or day. I’m on call 24 hours.

You’re great about texting back too. Oh yeah, texting is great, I love texting. So I usually try and get back as soon as I can.

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If you own a local business or run a local charity then feel free to reach out to me, Ruthie buck at (540) 455-8374 and we would love to feature you on our Fredericksburg Fridays.


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GreenBoots Heating and Air – Fredericksburg Fridays Episode 4
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