How to Sell A Home Fast in Fredericksburg (Part 3)

The Edmisten & Buck Team
Published on February 28, 2017

How to Sell A Home Fast in Fredericksburg (Part 3)

When you decide to place your home for sale in Fredericksburg, you should understand that meeting and interviewing agents is not a passive activity.  When you are interviewing real estate agents, you should be asking them about their marketing plan, and exploring specifics within that plan.  20% of real estate agents nationally, and in the Fredericksburg area sell 80% of the homes.  There is a reason that 20% of the agents sell 80% of the homes.  A significant reason why that is lies within the marketing plan that they employ when they are hired to list and market a home.

If print advertising is one of the cornerstones of a Fredericksburg real estate agent’s marketing plan, you can instantly know that their plan is outdated. Most print advertising is nearly completely useless in marketing a home, unless that home or the owner is well known… very well known. But, to be fair, at least they have something in their marketing plan besides putting the home in the MLS and popping a sign in the yard.

So, why do we say print advertising is outdated?  Well, let’s step into a buyer’s shoes for a minute.  If you decide you are going to buy a home, are you going to go hunt down a newspaper or real estate magazine? Or, are you going online to look for a home, where you can instantly find home options.  Online, you can also see interior photos, videos, virtual tours, and more.  Which would you do?  Other buyers are the same way.  So, why would you want your home marketed in a manner that died over a decade ago?

Still not convinced print marketing is dead? Ponder a few things.  Virtually every newspaper in every city is struggling. Many have filed bankruptcy.  Why, because people don’t buy and use them like they used to. They get their information from digital media.  Secondly, take a look at real estate home magazines.  There used to be pages and pages and pages of homes in those magazines.  Now they are reduced to a just a few pages.  There also used to be hundreds and hundreds of them scattered all around town, now they are a lot more difficult to find.  Why? The same reason as newspapers, people get their information from digital media. If your mission is to sell a home fast in Fredericksburg, then waiting for the length of time it would take to be found in print certainly won’t yield you top dollar.

Which marketing method, print or online, is most likely to help the buyer make an emotional connection with your home so that they want to come see it in person?  Print advertising where they see one photograph (often a black and white photograph) and a line of text, or online advertising where they can sell many photographs of the inside and outside of your home and a solid description?

Of course, the answer is and should be online advertising/marketing.  The process plays out like this.  The buyer finds your home online by searching for the criteria they need in a home.  Things like price, location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.  Then they look at photographs to see the features of the home.  If the listing agent is really good there will be videos of the property to view as well.  Videos serve to make emotional connections with a home.  Videos like this movie trailer type of property or this property video. And, then if your agent is exceptional they will make available a 360° Virtual Tour like this one

All of these marketing tools serve one purpose… to get the buyer from the computer to your front door to view the home.  In fact, that is the singular purpose of all real estate property marketing.  Then, the logical next step after seeing great quality photographs, videos and tours is to reach out to a real estate agent (85% of buyers still use a real estate agent) and schedule a viewing.

So far in this series of How to Sell a Home Fast in Fredericksburg. Part 1 of How to Sell a Home Fast in Fredericksburg covered getting maximum exposure and internet marketing.  Part 2 of How to Sell a Home Fast in Fredericksburg covered the why you want to sell fast to begin with. Part 3 of How to Sell a Home Fast in Fredericksburg talks about why print advertising is dead and will not yield top dollar or allow your home to sell fast.

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How to Sell A Home Fast in Fredericksburg (Part 3)
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