How To Sell A Home Fast in Fredericksburg

The Edmisten & Buck Team
Published on February 19, 2017

How To Sell A Home Fast in Fredericksburg

 This is part one of a series on how to sell a home fast in Fredericksburg. Stay tuned for the next articles.

We have the privilege of speaking to a lot of Fredericksburg area sellers every year.  One thing we have found that is almost universally true, sellers want to sell fast and for the most money possible.  The first step to sell a home fast in Fredericksburg is to create the most exposure to your property as possible.  Let’s talk about that for a few minutes.

There are several things you need to know about how to sell a home fast in Fredericksburg. The first, and one of the most critical things is to understand that you need maximum exposure.  Just like with selling anything, the more people that know about what you are offering/selling the better your chances of getting it sold. Ultimately, the more people that know about what you are selling and are interested in what you are selling, the faster it will sell.  This also leads to you selling that item for more money. Real estate is no different.  You want as many people as possible to know your home is for sale.

To achieve maximum exposure your home needs to be marketed on the internet.  That is where the VAST MAJORITY of people look for homes.  But, marketing a home online effectively requires a well-orchestrated strategy.

The old days and old ways of selling a home are gone.  The old way was to contact an agent who would put your home in the multiple listing service and put a sign in the yard. Sadly, this is what you still get from a lot of real estate agents. That old school approach will no longer help sell a home fast in Fredericksburg.

But then the internet came along.  Now, if you ask any agent if they will market your home online, the answer will always be yes.  But, let me tell you a secret.  If your agent does nothing but put your home in the MLS it will still show up online.  Many agents call that internet marketing.

When I talk about marketing a home online, I am talking about LEVERAGING the internet to gain tremendous exposure for your home. That involves a lot more than putting a home in the MLS and leaving what goes online and where it goes online to chance.  You need an expert strategy to leverage the internet when selling your home.


Ok, if you really want to sell a home fast in Fredericksburg pay close attention to the following information.  This is important stuff.

It is important to know that somewhere around 90% of potential homebuyers begin their home search online.  And, in fact, most homebuyers continuing looking online even after they have hired a real estate agent.  You might be surprised to learn that many buyers find their home online themselves and then tell their agent about the home. One of the important aspects of marketing online is to go find the buyers, instead of waiting for them to find you.

The first viewings of your home will certainly take place online.  Therefore, your home needs to be presented in such a way as to create enough emotional connection between buyers and your home that they are compelled to come see it in person. A major part of presenting your home effectively online is lots and lots of great photos, great video, a 360° virtual tour, great descriptions and stories about your home and more.

Online search sites like Zillow and are very important places to have your home presented.  But social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have come screaming into play when marketing a home as well.  They are a phenomenal marketing tool to an expert marketer.


My team recently listed a home in Fredericksburg, Va. that went under contract in just 5 days.  Let’s compare the exposure this home got on the major real estate search sites to the social media marketing conducted. First let’s look at two major online search sites that home buyers in Fredericksburg and across the nation primarily use. It is also important to note that we have enhanced packages with both Zillow and, so that we can get as much exposure there as possible. – 186 views in 5 days.

Zillow – 699 views in 5 days.

Compare that to just one video ad we ran for the same property.  In just 4 days, we had 1897 Facebook video views of that same property. Let me say that again, 1897 people watched that video in 4 days on Facebook.  (You can see that video here.) And that is just that one video ad!  That doesn’t include the number of people that viewed the 360° Virtual Tour, the property website, the Instagram campaign, or any of the other Facebook ads we ran.

So, a couple of key points in that case study to consider. FIRST: Wouldn’t you think that the kind of extra exposure from things like the video ad likely helped get that home sold in just 5 days and for 99.6% of the asking price? SECOND: Video marketing performs extremely well.  A well-planned video creates enormous exposure to a home for sale. Your agent should absolutely be using video to market your home.

I would recommend that you have a conversation with your real estate agent about using social media as a major marketing venue for your property.  If that agent cannot intelligently communicate how they will use this strategy, you are talking to the wrong real estate agent.  Intelligently talking about leveraging social media should mean you get details about their strategy, not just some vague answer.

This is just the beginning of an expert full online marketing plan.  The use of which will very likely put thousands more dollars in your pocket and have your home sold in a short amount of time.

Have questions? Give us a call for information. No pressure, no hassle. Ever.


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How To Sell A Home Fast in Fredericksburg
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