New in Fredericksburg and Lookng for a Church? Try Lifepoint Church

The Edmisten & Buck Team
Published on December 6, 2016

New in Fredericksburg and Lookng for a Church? Try Lifepoint Church

I tend to sometimes overlook the fact that a lot of people in our area are people who have relocated to Fredericksburg, Virginia, and they aren’t originally from here.  Whenever you relocate somewhere, it takes some time to find things and learn the best parts of your new town and new community. For folks of faith, looking for a new church home is most often at the top of the list of priorities upon relocating.

At the time of this writing, if you were to do a Google Search for “Churches in Fredericksburg, Va” Google returns over 730,000 search results.  Now there aren’t 730,000 churches in Fredericksburg, but there are a lot of them.  That can make the time needed to find your new church home rather lengthy.  But, like most things, if you ask people you know or meet, you can shorten the time needed to find a great church considerably.

While I don’t purport to know or understand everyone’s faith decisions, I do want to share mine.  I want to do this in an effort to help some people more quickly find their next church home.  Several years ago, when I first started attending my church, the pastor said this from the stage… “If you don’t love your church, find one you do love.”  He also asked this question , “If you have one chance to take somebody to church, what church would that be?”  For me the answer is unequivocally Lifepoint Church!

Being that I have a small voice in the community that sometimes finds it way to those moving to our area, I wanted to recommend you try Lifepoint Church. The great news, is you can try it whether you have already moved here, or are still considering or planning a move.  Lifepoint Church currently has 4 campuses in the area, including Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, and Culpeper.  So visiting Lifepoint Church in person is easy and convenient from anywhere in our area.

But your options don’t end there.You can watch sermons live at the Lifepoint Church website, or even on your TV if you are in the Richmond, Virginia viewing area beginning on January 7, 2017 on CBS channel 6 after The Late Late Show.  You might want to set your DVR for that one.

So, there are some particulars for you to check out Lifepoint Church online.  But, why Lifepoint?  Here is how I personally describe our church.  I love the fact that since the first day I walked in the doors, the mission hasn’t changed.  Lifepoint is singularly focused on reaching those who are far from God with the message of Jesus.  The church is outward focused, not inward focused.  That tends to make some people uncomfortable because the church doesn’t cater to the preferences of it’s members, but stays focused on the mission of the church.  I also love the super strong structure of small groups.  The small group structure takes a bigger organization and breaks it down to a level that can impact every life in a positive way.  And my big one, it is real… authentic.  That authenticity resonated with me the first day I visited and still does.

So, come visit Lifepoint Church and maybe this will shorten the time it takes for you to find your new church home.  Or you can check out a recent sermon in this video.




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