ABCDieselZ – #FredericksburgFridays Episode 1

The Edmisten & Buck Team
The Edmisten & Buck Team
Published on November 24, 2017

#FredericksburgFridays Episode #1 – In this episode we interview ABCDieselZ owner Jason Adams.  

Our mission with Fredericksburg Fridays is to spotlight local businesses and community organizations in Fredericksburg, Va. We want to show you what they offer the community, and we want to show you the people behind those businesses.  To that end, here is ABCDieselZ…

The Business: 

ABCDieselZ is a lifted performance diesel truck dealership offering a line of diesel trucks, parts and a service department that offers general and specialized service.

Where to find it:

8505 Jamison Lane, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407. ABCDieselZ
(540) 891-2277

About our interview with ABCDieselZ:

During our interview, the overriding take away for us, was the passion that Jason has for the people they serve.  This is a business that creates some really cool lifted performance diesel trucks.  When I asked him, “What is the most fun thing you do here?” I expected to hear about big lifted trucks, or something about the performance design that goes into the trucks. Yet, after a moment of reflection, he looked at me and said, “The people, I love the people.”

For the rest of the interview, check out the video, or read the transcript below.

Video transcript:

Jeff Edmisten Here with the Edmisten & Buck Real Estate Team and welcome to our very first episode of Fredericksburg Fridays. Our mission with this series is to spotlight local businesses and community organizations and show you what they have to offer. Today as you can see behind me we are at ABCDieselZ, and we’re going to sit down and talk with the owner Jason Adams.

I’m here at ABCDieselZ with the owner Jason Adams. Good morning. Thanks for having me, man. Thank you for coming. Tell me about your business. What is ABCDieselZ all about?

ABC Diesel’s is a lifted diesel performance trucks dealership. Now in understanding what that all means, a car dealership has pretty much three main focal points of the business you have vehicle sales, vehicle parts, and the service. So if you, I think you drove up in a Volkswagen today, if you were to drive up to the Volkswagen dealer, they have parts, their service, and their car sales.

For us, we have cool trucks, and they’re all lifted up, (Jeff: and they are cool trucks.) Oh, man. They’re awesome they’re definitely awesome and the parts department would be all aftermarket parts. So the wheels the tires the lights the bumpers the intakes the exhaust all the cool factor. So if you’re a car guy that’s kind of what you’re gonna want to do and then our services department does general service plus all the installation. Oh, cool.

Yep, and then in doing that, part of the parts thing that we’re trying to build, would be on a full website, so that way you could go to and you could order up everything that you want so any of fluids or wheels tires whatever for the aftermarket industry. Then our hope with all this is to carry it from Virginia to North Carolina to South Carolina to Georgia and state to state.

Are there any other businesses like yours in the area? No. So not only are you unique in what you do, but you are unique to the area too? Actually, we’re pretty unique to the entire United States.

Really? Mm-hmm and the reason that were unique to the United States, you can go anywhere and probably find used lifted trucks. I mean you can probably find a dime a dozen.

What you don’t find is where somebody would take a two hundred thousand mile truck, you think of why somebody would get rid of a two hundred thousand mile diesel truck because everybody knows a diesel would run forever. The reason people get rid of is you have an oil leak and then you’ll have a coolant leak and it’s almost a domino effect so this gets to be a point where it’s so much that they don’t want to mess with it anymore. So what happens is they go get rid of it?

They trade it in getting a payment because otherwise they’re gonna be spending fifteen thousand dollars on repairs just to bring it back to where it’s like new again. So what we do is. unlike everybody else. We’ll buy a two hundred thousand mile truck because we know that the engine is fine, and the transmissions will run fine.

But we’ll go back and completely service it and the reason that we do that is when somebody comes to us, you could come in from California, or you could fly your wife in from California, have her pick up this 200,000-mile truck, and have her drive all the way back worry free.

I mean you don’t know what’s gonna happen, right, you could have flat-tire, or break a belt, something like that. But you would have full confidence that your wife would have no problems. And we would have full confidence to send it that that far.

If somebody wants more information or wants to talk to you how they do that? Or pick up the phone people don’t do that anymore, they send a text message.

Whats the phone #? (540) 891-2277. Very good.

Where are you located? 8505 Jamison Lane, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407

Thanks for watching our very first episode of Fredericksburg Fridays. If you like this then like it on Facebook comment on it share with your friends so they too can learn about ABCDieselZ. If you are a local Fredericksburg business owner, or you run a community organization and you’d like to be featured on a future episode of Fredericksburg Fridays Then give me a call Jeff Edmisten (540) 538-7222. See you next Friday.


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