The Rusty Beaver Brewery – Ladysmith, Virginia

The Edmisten & Buck Team
The Edmisten & Buck Team
Published on October 31, 2017

We believe that everyone should love the community that they call home. Part of growing to love your local community is to know the people, places, businesses and organizations that make up that community. We hope that our mini-reviews of local businesses will perhaps serve as an introduction to some people and places that you haven’t encountered. To that end, here is the Rusty Beaver Brewery…

The Business:

The Rusty Beaver Brewery identifies itself as a Central Virginia farm craft brewery. According to their Facebook page, their “brews are inspired by the family hop and veggie farm in Beaverdam,” Virginia.

When it was founded:

The Rusty Beaver Brewery was founded in June 2013.

Where to find it:

18043 Jefferson Davis Highway, Ruther Glen, Virginia 22546.  The Rusty Beaver Brewery is situated in the Food Lion shopping center in Ladysmith, Virginia, near the intersection of Route 1 and Ladysmith Road. Look for it in the same section as the ABC store.

Things you might find notable:

We like that this business identifies sustainability as one of their founding principles and they focus on using local resources when possible.

The first thing (besides the name of the business) that stands out is the name of the individual brews like Roy’s Big Bad Brown Ale, Smashed Bastard, and Fugged Up.  The names seem to demonstrate a playful and humorous side to the Rusty Beaver Brewery.  

I have sampled a few of their beers on tap, and seem to have zeroed in on the Smashed Bastard as one of my favorites.  This beer is billed as “an easy drinking beer that works for the common man.” No wonder I like it!

The Rusty Beaver Brewery has accomplished a feat that I didn’t think possible.  They have brewed a pumpkin beer that I actually like. I have tried other pumpkin ales before and felt like they all fell short, but the Beaver nailed it. Their Peter Pumpkin Ale has a light refreshing pumpkin flavor, with no other notes detracting from the pumpkin.

If a local craft brewery is your sort of thing, then you’ll want to check out the Rusty Beaver Brewery on Facebook and then visit the store in Ladysmith.  



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