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The Edmisten & Buck Team
The Edmisten & Buck Team
Published on November 12, 2017

We believe that everyone should love the community that they call home. Part of growing to love your local community is to know the people, places, businesses and organizations that make up that community. We hope that our mini-reviews and interviews will perhaps serve as an introduction to some people and places that you haven’t encountered. To that end, here is The Timbers…

The Business:

The Timbers bills itself as a family owned and operated steakhouse featuring steaks, pasta, seafood, chicken, veal, pizza, paninis and subs. (So, it is obviously hard for me to say what type of cuisine The Timbers is best known for)

When it was founded:

The website states that The Timbers has been part of the local community for over 30 years. I cannot personally verify that statement, but I do know that the Amato family has been in the restaurant business in Caroline County for a long time.

Where to find it:

8026 Prosperity Way, Ruther Glen, VA 22546
The Timbers is very conveniently located between Interstate 95 and Route 1, off of exit 110 in Ladysmith, Virginia.

Things you might find notable

If you ask someone at the restaurant, “What is your most popular dish” the answer is always Prime Rib.  When I ask locals what are the best items at the Timbers, I get two answers.  First is the hand-cut, home-made potato chips, and the second is the black and bleu wrap.

On my most recent visit with my family, we ordered a dish of the home-made potato chips for the table.  This dish was devoured by our party of 5 within minutes. The chips were light and crispy, and were quite good, and with a little more seasoning would have been excellent. I can definitely see why this would be one of the main-stays of The Timbers. 

This was the first time we had been seated in the bar section of the restaurant. While we were waiting for our entrees, I decided to have a draft beer. From my observations, The Timbers offers a full bar service, including many bottled beers, draft beers, and a variety of liquors and cocktails. The beer was promptly delivered, and with it came my only minor issue with our visit.  The draft beer was definitely not as cold as it should have been.  It wasn’t warm, but it wasn’t cold.  Draft beer should be served at 38 degrees, and the temperature of this beer missed the mark. Be that as it may, this was the only small issue, and was not worthy of a complaint to the staff.

For my entree, I dared to try the Reuben.  I say dared to try, because , in my opinion, few restaurants can deliver upon the Reuben in a satisfactory manner.  The Timbers stepped up on this one, the Reuben sandwich was a hit.  It was authentic, fresh and delicious.

The other members of my party ordered various wraps including the infamous black and bleu wrap, but the star of the table seemed to be the Chicken Piccata (pictured below.) I have never sampled, or even really heard of chicken piccata before, which is why i linked to a recipe for this dish if you desire to try to make it yourself. I did see online that the chicken is often dredged in flour, which does not appear to be the case here. I cannot say which is authentic and which is not.

The Yelp reviews for The Timbers tend to be quite mixed, signaling the potential that the service and the food might not be consistent from visit to visit.  My experience however, has been pretty consistent over the last year, and would cause me to say, the food and the experience should be rated as good.

What was surprising to me, however, was the number of locals who patronized the bar at The Timbers.  As I pondered the 8 people who were currently seated at the bar at The Timbers, I thought about the number of places local to Ladysmith where a person could receive the services of a full bar.  The options are few.  This might explain the popularity of the bar portion of The Timbers, and why I consistently see their parking lot relatively full of cars.  

Back to the food, the aforementioned black and bleu wrap is pictured below does and does seem to be a reliable favorite of patrons of The Timbers. I spoke with two patrons who ordered or who had previously ordered the black and bleu wrap.  The talked about the freshness and the semi-bold flavors being the reasons that this is one of their favorites at The Timbers.

In conclusion, if you haven’t visited The Timbers, I would recommend you give it a try. I personally recommend the Reuben, but many others say get the Black and Bleu wrap.  Check it out the next time you find yourself in Ladysmith around lunch or dinner time.

Amended to add the following social comment:

“The Amato family are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet! I have known them for most of my life which is most of their 30 years serving great food in Caroline. I can remember standing at the counter as a kid to watch the patriarch of the family, Vito, toss pizzas at their Roma’s location in Bowling Green. Give them a try!”  J. Stroud

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