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Median Age: 38

Median Houshold Income: $75,424

Median Commute Time: 39 minutes

Average Home Sale Price Last 12 Months: $191,000

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Median Age: 38

Median Houshold Income: $75,424

Median Commute: 39 Minutes

Average Home Sale Price Last 12 Months: $226,000

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Median Age: 38

Median Houshold Income: $75,424

Median Commute: 39 Minutes

Average Home Sale Price Last 12 Months: $234,000

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Noteworthy Local Businesses


If you live in or near the small town of Bowling Green, Virginia and you, like many Americans, have a love of coffee, then you are probably quite happy that a local business called The Mix House came on the scene a few years ago.  The Mix House is the idea, turned passion, of Caroline County residents Jessica and Katie.

The Mix House is a local coffee shop and bakery, situated at 112 N. Main Street in the small town of Bowling Green, Virginia. that serves up a variety of coffee and espresso drinks as well as several non-coffee beverages. For those who like a sweet treat with your cup of coffee, The Mix House serves up several of those too. (My wife is particularly fond of their vanilla bean scone and pumpkin bread.)

When it comes to coffee, I am a quite the traditionalist.  I like a simple, good and robust cup of coffee.  The Mix House turns out a rock-solid cup of coffee. However, they do offer those drink concoctions with the Italian names and descriptions for those who are not quite the simple, traditional, American coffee drinker that I am.

If you live in the Ladysmith area, never fear, just look for the bright orange trailer (The Mix House mobile coffee bar) situated in the Ladysmith Center parking lot on Route 1 just north of its intersection with Ladysmith Road. I have visited both locations, and each time I have been greeted with smiles and friendly attitudes, just like you would expect from a business that is focused on providing quality service to its customers.

At first glance, one would presume the reason The Mix House came into existence was the fact that Caroline County lacked the presence of coffee shops like you are likely to find in more metropolitan areas. To be sure, that was part of the reason this business was created.  But, as I learned in a recent conversation with Katie, one of the founders, there is more to The Mix House than simply providing a superior cup of coffee.

It seems that the sisters found themselves spending a lot of hours in coffee shops throughout their college experience. During that time they came to enjoy the sense of community they found in those coffee shops.  They realized that coffee shop community experience they had enjoyed in college was missing in Caroline County. Therefore, they set out to create it in The Mix House.

In The Mix House, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee, perhaps a nice, pastry, and spend a few minutes chatting with friends and neighbors.  The Mix House actually has a leg up on its more metro counterparts, in that, it is situated in a small-town community where you are more likely to know the next person who walks in the door.

If you have yet to visit The Mix House, you should make it a point to do so.  They are a fantastic and welcome addition to the communities they serve, so hit them up on your morning commute or the next time you pass by. You can check out the hours of operation on their website.   While you are at it, spend a few minutes with their blog and LIKE their Facebook page.



The Business:

The Timbers bills itself as a family owned and operated steakhouse featuring steaks, pasta, seafood, chicken, veal, pizza, paninis and subs. (So, it is obviously hard for me to say what type of cuisine The Timbers is best known for)

When it was founded:

The website states that The Timbers has been part of the local community for over 30 years. I cannot verify that, but I do know that the Amato family has been in the restaurant business in Caroline County for a long time. statement.

Where to find it:

8026 Prosperity Way, Ruther Glen, VA 22546
The Timbers is very conveniently located between Interstate 95 and Route 1, off of exit 110 in Ladysmith, Virginia.

Things you might find notable

If you ask someone at the restaurant, “What is your most popular dish” the answer is always Prime Rib.  When I ask locals what are the best items at the Timbers, I get two answers.  First is the hand-cut, home-made potato chips, and the second is the black and bleu wrap.

On my most recent visit with my family, we ordered a dish of the home-made potato chips for the table.  This dish was devoured by our party of 5 within minutes. The chips were light and crispy, and were quite good, and with a little more seasoning would have been excellent. I can definitely see why this would be one of the main-stays of The Timbers.

This was the first time we had been seated in the bar section of the restaurant. While we were waiting for our entrees, I decided to have a draft beer. From my observations, The Timbers offers a full bar service, including many bottled beers, draft beers, and a variety of liquors and cocktails. The beer was promptly delivered, and with it came my only minor issue with our visit.  The draft beer was definitely not as cold as it should have been.  It wasn’t warm, but it wasn’t cold.  Draft beer should be served at 38 degrees, and the temperature of this beer missed the mark. Be that as it may, this was the only small issue, and was not worthy of a complaint to the staff.

For my entree, I dared to try the Reuben.  I say dared to try, because , in my opinion, few restaurants can deliver upon the Reuben in a satisfactory manner.  The Timbers stepped up on this one, the Reuben sandwich was a hit.  It was authentic, fresh and delicious. Read more… 

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